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Makinggreen Low-temperature Nitrifying Bacteria Helps the National Examination of Sewage Plant

Time : 2020-04-15

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Makinggreen Low-temperature Nitrifying Bacteria Helps the National Examination of Sewage Plant

The ammonia nitrogen problem in the northern winter sewage treatment plant has always been old, large, and difficult. Makinggreen Environmental Protection has undertaken the maintenance of the two major sewage treatment plants in a city since October 2019. It has formulated a plan for the problem of severe cold temperatures and low water temperatures. The low-temperature nitrifying bacteria dosing plan strictly follows the plan to add low-temperature nitrifying bacteria to ensure that the ammonia nitrogen meets the standard emission under low temperature conditions.

In 2019, in 12 cities and provinces in northern China, all 4 cross-sections of Grade V were eliminated in the previous year. Among them, the water quality of two cross-sections of the National Examination was improved from that of Grade V in the same period of last year. Category Ⅳ. A city in the north ranked second to last from the national surface water assessment cross-sectional water quality in cities at the prefecture level and above in 2018, and jumped to the 14th place in the national surface water assessment cross-sectional water environment quality improvement in one fell swoop.

product description:
      MicroBoost®-N nitrifying bacteria is a biological agent developed for the removal of ammonia nitrogen in sewage treatment plants. MicroBoost®-N is a liquid product and does not require refrigeration. In the nitrification reaction, increase the number of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter in the sewage treatment system, so that ammonia nitrogen can achieve the purpose of nitrification.


       Nitrification process: oxidation of ammonia nitrogen to nitrate



      In the sewage treatment plant under the impact of toxic substances or low temperature conditions, the number of indigenous nitrifying bacteria is reduced, the activity is reduced, the reproduction is inhibited, and the ammonia nitrogen removal rate is reduced. The nitrifying bacteria provided by MicroBoost®-N cooperate with indigenous nitrifying bacteria to enhance the nitrification capacity of the system and improve the performance of the system under toxicity, inhibitors or low temperature conditions. MicroBoost®-N can quickly establish a nitrification system during the start-up period of the sewage treatment system; it can be used when the sewage treatment system nitrification system is impacted, quickly restore the nitrification function, and can be used during the daily operation of the sewage treatment system to increase the stability of the nitrification system And sustainability.