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Report on the work of stabilizing the standard of the sewage plant going to winter and spring

Time : 2020-04-15

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Report on the work of stabilizing the standard of the sewage plant going to winter and spring

At the end of last year, I wrote an article titled "This Winter and Spring to Start the Sewage Treatment Plant Stability Compliance Defense", and the editor wrote at the end of the article: Whether the sewage treatment plant can safely pass through the winter as expected, and the subsequent river section water Whether the quality of the environment can be improved, it is still waiting for this winter to pass, and the editor will continue to share with you and listen to the subsequent decomposition. I think the "fans" who care about Mianjin's environmental protection must be looking forward to knowing what our Mianjin environmental protection is doing. Some of the sewage treatment plants we serve have not reached the standard this winter. Then listen to the editor. Come.

      The editors pinch a finger (in fact, Baidu knows it online), 2019 AD is the Lunar New Year, and 2020 is the Lunar Year of the Lunar Calendar. Despite the end of the Lunar New Year in the Lunar New Year, a "new crown epidemic" that may have a far-reaching impact on the development of China and even the entire human society. In order to defend our lives and homeland, we launched a campaign to fight against the epidemic Defend action. Our Making Green environmental protection technical service team, as an ordinary member of the public, adheres to the simple idea of managing ourselves without adding chaos to the government and society, risking the spread of the "new crown epidemic" fecal mouth, and devoting all our efforts to ensuring municipal sewage treatment Go to the arduous battle for the factory to reach the standard. Today, Vientiane is renewed and the spring returns to the earth. Not only has our country and society achieved a staged victory against the "new crown epidemic", but also our Making Green Environmental Protection Company has achieved stable achievements in the sewage treatment plant in winter and spring.

      The local news media also reported that during the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, our company participated in the disinfection, prevention and control of the sewage treatment plant, entitled "Strengthening the treatment measures to ensure that the discharge meets the standards".

      The sludge expansion turned into mud in the secondary settling tank, and the suspended matter in the effluent caused all the indicators to exceed the standard. It has always been a "stubborn illness" that has troubled our industry experts. Nowadays, environmental protection water companies have proposed various innovative processes, such as reconstruction of municipal sewage, new construction of "MBR membrane bioprocess", "combined packing process", "expansion facility", etc., which can completely solve the stubborn disease of the secondary sedimentation tank. However, some sewage treatment plants that are still using traditional A2 / O or oxidation ditch processes or have insufficient financial investment. In some key areas, the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection requires the standard to be raised and the sewage treatment plant cannot achieve capacity expansion in the short term. In order to solve the series of problems caused by the system overload operation caused by the sudden increase of seasonal water volume, how to ensure that the main pollution indicators of the sewage treatment plant meet the five types of surface water standards in the low temperature season, Making Green Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. gave a beautiful answer.

      I don't know how to do things like "Wangpo sells melons and sells your own compliments", and the people who eat melons don't like to watch advertisements, but the actual effect!

      For the sewage treatment plant project, the service team where the editor is located will not make extensive changes to the original structures and equipment of the owner, and try to avoid affecting the original operation of the system. Optimize the design of the hardware system in a targeted manner, through the installation and debugging of emergency equipment, creatively strengthen the denitrification and dephosphorization process, improve the system's anti-impact load, and ensure that the system's key indicators under the peak water volume reach the standard smoothly.

The picture above shows the equipment installation

      After the hardware equipment installation and commissioning are normal, our project team becomes a "7 * 24-hour nanny" of the sewage treatment plant-technical engineer, who is stationed continuously, formulates daily operation plans and emergency plans, according to the service list and "owner's father" requirements To provide dedicated and professional services. Our technical team works with all the employees of the sewage treatment plant. In the difficult environment of going to winter and spring, the sewage treatment plant has passed the most difficult winter and Spring Festival safely, and all indicators can reach the standard steadily.

      Since our technical team entered the service, the total outlet water quality data has continued to be 100% stable and meet the standard. At the same time, the water quality of the national examination section has been improved from the poor V category in the same period of last year to the current category III, and two water quality categories have been upgraded.

The above table is a comparison of the main indicators of last year and this year.

      The editor can be proud to say that the operation team organized by our company in the northern sewage treatment plant's enhanced low temperature and overload operation service model is completely successful. In the sewage treatment plant that does not have the conditions to upgrade or expand the capacity and upgrade the standard, you can Learn from the enhanced operating model. Finally, the editor wants to say that the "new crown epidemic" is also in the eyes of hardworking and intelligent Chinese people, and the tail of the rabbit cannot grow. Under the leadership of the party and government, we will be able to overcome the disease as soon as possible and return to normal production and life.