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Precautions for enterprises to resume production sewage plant operation

Time : 2020-04-15

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Precautions for enterprises to resume production sewage plant operation

In 2020, the people across the country passed an unusual Spring Festival. The epidemic raged on the land of China. The white angels fought hard on the front line. Here, we pay the highest respect to the epidemic prevention personnel who fought on the front line.

      As time progressed, the epidemic situation in various regions was gradually controlled, and various industrial enterprises in various regions began to resume production gradually. The sewage treatment system of each enterprise must start high-load operation again, so under special circumstances, what aspects should be paid attention to by the sewage treatment plant of each industrial enterprise to increase the treatment load and water volume:

1. Effects of residual chlorine
      After a long shutdown, an indispensable part of the resumption of work of our enterprises is disinfection and sterilization, and our commonly used antiseptics are mainly disinfectants based on sodium hypochlorite, which leads to the inevitable increase of residual chlorine in the sewage water, especially It is a sewage plant that mixes municipal sewage and industrial sewage. When the residual chlorine exceeds the relevant limit, the activity of the sludge is significantly inhibited, and even the relevant bacteria are killed, so that the biochemical removal efficiency of the sewage plant is significantly reduced.

2. Load impact
      When the industrial devices are restarted or the production load is increased, it is easy to cause large changes in sewage load. When the change in incoming water load and water volume exceeds 20% of the daily treatment volume, it is easy to have an impact on the sewage biochemical system, resulting in sludge activity The reduction will cause the treatment efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant to decrease and affect the effluent quality.

3. Impact of other toxic substances
      When the production system is restarted or the production load is increased, it is easy to cause some production products to run off and leak. After some substances enter the sewage system, they will easily cause the impact of toxic substances on the sewage biochemical system and inhibit the sludge activity.

1. Increase pretreatment measures to effectively reduce the impact of residual chlorine
      Strengthen incoming water detection and try to control the influence of incoming water residual chlorine. If the incoming water residual chlorine is too high, pre-aeration can be applied to the incoming water. Using the principle of blowing off, the residual chlorine in the incoming water can be effectively reduced; by adding reducing substances, use Redox reaction to remove residual chlorine.

2. Increase sludge activity
      The sludge concentration of the sewage biochemical system can be appropriately increased, and the impact resistance of the sludge to toxic substances can be improved. Making Green environmental protection professional promotion series and detoxification series products can also be added to improve the sludge activity and increase the system impact resistance.

Compound carbon source

3. Quick recovery after impact
      The biochemical system is impacted. If you only rely on your own recovery, the recovery time is longer, and you cannot quickly achieve the desired related effects. If you want to recover quickly, you can add Making Green environmental protection professional fungicide products to recover the pollution in a shorter time. Mud activity enables rapid and high-load operation of sewage biochemical systems.