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Started this winter and next spring, the sewage plant continued to stabilize and meet the standard o

Time : 2020-04-15

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Started this winter and next spring, the sewage plant continued to stabilize and meet the standard o

After a new round of cold waves and winter snow, the water temperature of the sewage treatment plant in the north continued to drop. The severe cold season is a strict test for the operation of the sewage treatment plant. How to ensure that the sludge sedimentation ratio of the SV30 is more than 95-99%, and how to ensure that the secondary sedimentation tank can not turn over the sludge phenomenon, how to solve the series of problems caused by the overload of the system caused by the sudden increase in seasonal water volume, and how to ensure sewage treatment in the low temperature season The main pollution indicators of the plant (the most difficult in winter are ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen indicators) meet the five types of surface water standards, and ultimately guarantee the quality of the water environment of the river section of the receiving water. The above problems plague sewage treatment plants, relevant authorities and cities. Parent and parent official.

    The technical team of Making Green Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has been rooted in the wastewater treatment subdivision of the environmental protection industry for nearly two decades. It has a theoretical and practical experience and professional and dedicated technical service team. Not disappointing the trust and support of the owners to us and undertaking the task of overcoming difficulties: starting the defense battle of the continuous and stable compliance of the sewage treatment plant this winter and next spring.

    After understanding, the original technical team is a group of "sewage treatment plant doctors". They formulate the questionnaire evaluation process, take the traditional Chinese medicine method of looking at the problem, and reduce the complexity of the main problems, analyze the previous data, sort out the software and hardware problems of the sewage treatment plant, and then formulate a plant and a policy for sewage treatment. The plant provides customized environmental protection butler and nanny-style service solutions, so that the sewage treatment plant can survive the cold winter safely.

    The editor talked a lot, and hoped that our sewage treatment plant would run smoothly and healthily. At the same time, here is a friendly reminder that the maintenance of winter equipment should be paid more attention to, and the small problems that are usually ignored may cause great impact. For example, how long have you not cleaned the filters of chemical pumps such as carbon sources and phosphorus removal agents in sewage treatment plants?

    Regarding whether the sewage treatment plant can safely pass the winter as expected, and whether the subsequent water environment quality of the river section can be improved, it is still waiting for this winter to pass, and the editor will continue to share with you and listen to the subsequent decomposition.