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Making Green carbon source assists total nitrogen removal in municipal sewage plants

Time : 2020-04-15

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Making Green carbon source assists total nitrogen removal in municipal sewage plants

A municipal sewage treatment plant in East China has a daily water treatment capacity of 45,000 cubic meters and implements the Grade A A discharge standard of "Urban Sewage Discharge Standard GB18918-2002". The total nitrogen in the inlet water is 50-60mg / L. Because the C / N of the inlet water is insufficient to meet the carbon source required for denitrification, the municipal sewage treatment plant used to use 20% liquid sodium acetate as the external denitrification carbon source, but the sodium acetate The price fluctuates greatly, and the cost of using tons of water for a long time is relatively high. The company has been looking for a more cost-effective carbon source to replace sodium acetate. The environmental protection technical director of Making Green fully communicated with the customers on-site working conditions. After repeated small trials and production tests, it was verified that the new carbon source of Making Green Bio Max®-Carbon is fully capable of replacing sodium acetate as a denitrifying carbon source. Using the new carbon source of Making Green Bio Max®-Carbon, the total nitrogen of the system effluent is stable at 7-9mg / L. After cost accounting, the cost per ton of water has been saved by more than 8% compared with the use of sodium acetate.

      Bio Max®-Carbon is a new type of carbon source product produced by fermentation and special enzymatic hydrolysis technology with various organic materials as raw materials. Bio Max®-Carbon products have the characteristics of being added in a small amount, easily absorbed by microorganisms, reducing the output of organic sludge and improving the activity of sludge. It is an indispensable carbon source product for the commissioning or shortening of recovery time of the sewage biochemical system, and it is also a carbon source for traditional denitrification and chlorate removal processes. We have a strong supply chain and execute strict quality control plans to provide our customers with products with consistent functions and excellent quality.

Technology application
      Bio Max®-Carbon can be used as a carbon source product in municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants to improve sludge activity, and at the same time as a TN-nitrate nitrogen standard improvement carbon source product. This product can overcome non-environmentally friendly factors such as large dosage of traditional carbon source products, low temperature water solubility, crystallization, low absorption rate, poor total nitrogen removal rate, dangerous carbon source, and strong irritating smell.

      This product is an effective liquid product, non-dangerous, non-corrosive, and will not crystallize around zero degrees, which is convenient for transportation, storage and use.
      Bio Max®-Carbon products can be used as a carbon source product to accelerate the rapid recovery of the system, and can also be combined with the company's denitrifying bacteria to achieve rapid denitrification.