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Environmental protection plant deodorant in Makingg assists waste gas treatment in pharmaceutical fa

Time : 2020-04-15

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Environmental protection plant deodorant in Makingg assists waste gas treatment in pharmaceutical fa

In June 2019, all the pollutant indicators of a pharmaceutical intermediate customer in East China, after the collection and treatment of waste water from the pretreatment tank of the sewage plant, reached the emission standard, but the gas after the treatment of the chimney treatment still had an odor, and the diffusion of the gas affected people Work and life. After surveying the site, the technical engineers of Making Green Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. suggested that Making Green Adsorb@ 806 plant essential oil deodorant be used in the terminal washing tower to help customers solve the problem of odor without increasing equipment investment.

      Adsorb® series is a broad-spectrum, taste-removing and sterilizing natural imported plant deodorant essential oil. It is prepared by extracting and purifying more than 30 kinds of main raw materials such as natural tea tree, vanilla, citronella, angelica root, and clove grass. The active ingredients of Adsorb® series are mainly vanillin, cinnamic acid, lauryl alcohol, alkaloids and other complex natural organic substances. Many olfactory measurement studies are carried out in accordance with the European Union UNI EN 13725 standard, confirming that this product has an efficiency of 60-80% in terms of odor removal.
     Active groups such as conjugated molecular bonds present in plant essential oils can complex with different odor molecules. It has a good adsorption and removal effect on hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide and other organic volatiles.
     Real natural plant essential oil
     Non-toxic and harmless, environmentally friendly
    Professional formula, excellent effect
     Can be integrated with equipment
     Physical properties:
     PH: 6-7 Applicable temperature: 0-70 ℃
      Appearance: liquid Smell: light plant fragrance
    Hazardous substance identification performance:
     Health hazard: 0 Flammability: 0
     Reactivity: 0 Protection level: B
     All ingredients are listed: Europe: EINECS USA: TSCA


     The product is usually diluted with deionized water at a ratio of 50-500 times or higher; this product can be used in the anhydrous or water diluted state; it is recommended to use it with atomization equipment for better results.
     Shelf life:
     The shelf life of the product stock is one year. It is recommended that the working fluid be used within one month after dilution. If delamination or precipitation is normal, mixing or stirring will not affect the product's use effect.
     Transportation and storage:
     The Adsorb® series should be transported in HDPE containers; the containers should be sealed to avoid volatilization of the product, and should be placed in a room at normal temperature, dry, and protected from sunlight; icing is harmful to the product.