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How to ensure the imbalance of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in papermaking is no longer a problem

Time : 2020-04-15

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How to ensure the imbalance of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in papermaking is no longer a problem

A kraft paper company in southwestern China uses Fenton process to treat wastewater with a designed water treatment capacity of 2000m3 / d. The concentration of incoming water in the production workshop is as high as 4500mg / L. Through on-site observation of Makinggreen environmental protection technical engineers and discussions with customers, it was decided to use Makinggreen environmental protection bio-promoted phosphorus (Bio Max -Phos) and bio-promoted nitrogen (Bio Max -Nitro 2088) to supplement the nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition required by microorganisms. With the technical support of environmental protection technical engineers in Makinggreen, a kraft paper company in Southwest China quickly started the IC anaerobic tower and aerobic biological system, and quickly started the treatment plant of the sewage plant. standard. Makinggreen 's environmental protection products and technical services are highly recognized by a kraft paper company in Southwest China.

product description:
       Bio Max®-phos series products are biodegradable carrier technology with high-efficiency phosphorus elements required by microorganisms, which can greatly reduce the mineralization of phosphorus elements and increase the absorption efficiency of the product; at the same time, this product is rich in nutrients lacking in industrial wastewater Substances, such as: trace elements, vitamins, natural hormones, cytokinin, etc., can improve microbial cell synthesis capacity and enhance microbial activity.

       Bio Max®-Nitro 2088 is formulated with microbial fermentation substrates, which can provide the nitrogen elements required by microorganisms, and is also rich in water-soluble polymers, various vitamins, enzymes and bio-promoting biomass. The product can not only solve the problem of poor absorption efficiency caused by the addition of traditional nitrogen fertilizers in biological systems, to reduce the risk of excessive ammonia nitrogen or total nitrogen in the back-end effluent, but also to reduce the contradiction of nitrogen nutrition costs. This product is the first choice for various nitrogen-deficient wastewater.