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Talking about the matters needing attention in the operation of sewage plant during the epidemic

Time : 2020-04-07

Source : Making Green Environment Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Talking about the matters needing attention in the operation of sewage plant during the epidemic

  In the past few days, "remote office" has been searched on Weibo, but there is always a group of people who cannot work remotely. The front-line operators of the sewage plant are part of it.

  In this epidemic, the white angels wiped out the virus in the patient's body, while the environmentalists solved the virus outside the patient's body.

  During the outbreak, domestic sewage treatment plants throughout the country remained in operation and faced greater challenges.

  The first is that in the case of a rapid increase in hospital patients, the drainage volume will also increase, and even exceed the treatment load of some sewage treatment plants, resulting in the situation that the effluent does not meet the standards.

  Secondly, the wastewater discharged from the hospital is usually disinfected with sodium hypochlorite. If too much wastewater from the hospital is accepted, it may cause excessive residual chlorine in the incoming water, which will have an inhibitory effect on the activated sludge.

  In view of various situations, Making Green Environmental Protection recommends that the following points should be noted in the operation of the sewage plant:

  1. Clarify the importance of the disinfection process in the sewage treatment process, ensure that spare parts for the disinfection equipment are in place, ensure that the disinfectant preparation materials are sufficient, and ensure that the disinfectant is added in full; timely correction of residual chlorine measurement facilities to ensure that the disinfection process is effective;

  2. The room using on-site preparation of disinfectant should be continuously ventilated to prevent explosion risk accidents. Risk control of downstream urban sewage plants that accept disease control hospitals;

  3. Pay attention to the change of residual chlorine in the influent of the biochemical unit, and master the change law of the chlorine content in the influent;

  4. Improve the risk plan to prevent the sludge activity from being affected, including considering extending the age of the sludge to increase the concentration of sludge, storing sludge from the sewage plant (such as deployment from a sewage plant that does not accept risk hospital sewage), and preparing powdered carbon investment conditionally Several stable operation measures, such as strengthening and prolonging the age of sludge, are strengthened by adding drugs and removing phosphorus.

  After determining the transmission route of the feces, the frontline operators are also likely to be in close contact with the new coronavirus.

  Making Green Environmental Protection reminds the frontline operators that they must take protective measures:

  1. Wear the mask correctly, choose the medical mask or N95 mask, and change it regularly;

  2. Gloves must be worn, and two layers can be worn if necessary. Choose gloves that are convenient for work;

  3. Wear goggles when working;

  4. Wash hands frequently, if there is no place to wash hands in the work place, you can bring alcohol-free hand sanitizer;

  5. Do not touch the face with dirty hands;

  6. The indoor sewage treatment place should be kept ventilated;

  Finally, pay tribute to the medical workers and environmentalists who are fighting on the front line! Come on Wuhan!