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Introduce environmental steward to ensure a long flow of clean water

Time : 2020-08-27

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Introduce environmental steward to ensure a long flow of clean water


      Datong Dongjiao Sewage Treatment Plant is located on the south side of the intersection of Yuhe East Road and Nanhuan Road. It undertakes the important task of treating 100,000 cubic meters of domestic sewage in the main urban area per day. It is one of the key units in Datong City’s water environment emission reduction and pollution control. After the sewage reaches the standard treatment, it will be discharged into the Sanggan River winding east through the Yuhe River, and finally into the Yongding River through the Guanting Reservoir. Therefore, the quality of the discharged water from the Dongjiao Sewage Treatment Plant is directly related to the ecological safety of the Sanggan River and Yongding River. In recent years, the municipal party committee and government have given full support to the Dongjiao Sewage Treatment Plant. The main leaders have taken the lead on several occasions to go deep into the front line, give cordial guidance to win the battle of clear water defense, and allocate more than 15 million special funds to complete the sewage treatment plant with high quality. The quality enhancement project has greatly improved the sewage treatment capacity.

     In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important speech at the Symposium on Ecological Protection and High-quality Development of the Yellow River Basin, take the initiative to escort water conservation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and ensure the safety of the Yongding River, the ecological artery of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. After multiple investigations and inspections, the Dongjiao Wastewater Treatment Plant introduced a winter low temperature guarantee operation service technical team-Mianjin Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in September 2019. The company’s technical team has more than 20 years of industrial and urban and rural municipal industries Technical service experience, successful cases and technical support capabilities for ensuring the operation of sewage treatment plants at low temperatures in winter

     After the Makinggreen environmental protection technical service team entered the plant, it gave full play to the technical advantages of the third-party agency personnel, implemented environmental doctor consultation services, prepared diagnostic reports based on the actual situation of the plant, and implemented the daily operation management plan of the sewage plant according to local conditions. Environmental protection emergency plan, and formulated the implementation plan of "One Factory One Policy" and "One Indicator One Policy", and "Environmental Protection Butler Service" in the factory for 24 hours. Passed the test of operation for nearly 180 days, especially after multiple tests such as low-temperature water quality in the extreme cold weather in winter, a significant increase in the amount of treated water before and after the Spring Festival, and the impact of high-concentration disinfectant water during the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The main pollutants COD, ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus have always reached the surface level five water standards, and the total nitrogen has always been better than the wastewater treatment plant's level A discharge standards.

      Currently, the Dongjiao Sewage Treatment Plant is accelerating the construction of provincial sub-central cities in accordance with the overall ideas and requirements of the provincial party committee of "four for four highs and two synchronization". It urgently needs to take the initiative in various industries and fields, and is committed to reform and innovation to improve work effectiveness. Facing various technical and technological problems in wastewater treatment over the years, Dongjiao Wastewater Treatment Plant has actively introduced "environmental protection butler services" from first-tier cities, fully utilized the technical advantages of third-party personnel, and penetrated environmental protection concepts and technologies into the enterprise All aspects of operation management have promoted the overall improvement of the company’s environmental management level and pollution prevention level, and brought the company’s operational management efficiency and level to a new level, for the continuous development of "Consolidating Datong Blue, building Datong Qing, and planting Datong Green" The ecological civilization construction action has made due contributions.