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Typical Case


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Coal Chemical & Fine Chemical Wastewater

Coal Chemical & Fine Chemical Wastewater

  1. Project Overview

  A chemical fertilizer company with chemical-based A-share listed companies, China's top 100 chemical companies, and a larger fertilizer manufacturer. At present, the enterprise has formed a multi-product industrial pattern of coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, petrochemical industry.

  While obtaining economic and social benefits, the company also attaches great importance to the protection of the environment, and has its own sewage treatment facility. The treatment capacity of the device is about 90-100m³ / h. The O pool uses the MBBR circulating fluidized bed process. Combining the dual advantages of activated sludge method and membrane method to achieve the purpose of biological nitrogen removal. The treated sewage is connected to the sewage pipe network of the park.

  Since September 2018, the park's wastewater treatment plant has set a total nitrogen requirement for the sewage from the pipe. The denitrification function of the wastewater system of this project is not perfect. The TN concentration of the effluent continues to be above 100mg / L, far exceeding the discharge limit of 35mg / L.

  Making Green Environmental Protection Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has rich experience in coal chemical industry wastewater. After communication between the two parties, the company decided to cooperate with our company.

  2. Purpose of using Making Green strain

  Improve the denitrification system by using denitrifying bacteria in the denitrification section of the sewage plant; at the same time, use nitrifying bacteria and COD strains in the aerobic section, strengthen the nitrification and carbonization treatment capacity of the biochemical section, improve the biochemical sludge activity, and solve the sludge expansion problem.

  3. Commissioning summary

  3.1. To solve the problem of total nitrogen:

  The biochemical system is divided into two north-south parallel lines, and the inlet and return waters are evenly distributed. By adding denitrifying bacteria to the inlet of the A pool, and adding methanol as the denitrifying carbon source, at the same time, it controls 300% of the nitrate return flow to meet Conditions required for nitrification.

  Three days after the total nitrogen removal bacteria was added, the total nitrogen in the effluent began to decrease significantly, and the discharge requirements were met on the sixth day. The specific data are as follows:

  3.2. Solve the problem of sludge expansion:

  The original system SV30 was above 97%, the second settling pond had serious mud running, and the microscopic examination diagnosed the filamentous bacteria as swelling. The F / M value was only 0.0432kgBOD / m³.MLSS.d. Long-term operation of the system under ultra-low load is the main cause of sludge disintegration and corruption. By enhancing the sludge discharge to increase the sludge load, and adding nitrifying bacteria and COD bacteria at the same time, the sludge settling performance has been significantly improved after 10 days.

  to sum up:

  1) Making Green biological strains are suitable for the wastewater of this project;

  2) Making Green denitrifying bacteria can quickly establish a denitrifying system to achieve the effect of removing total nitrogen;

  3) Making Green nitrification and COD bacteria can be used to solve the problem of sludge swelling, supplement the sludge loss and improve the sludge properties.