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Biological targeted coagulation technology

Biological targeted coagulation technology

The Bio Target Floc series is a highly efficient and environmentally friendly biological coagulant product developed to target the problem of sludge activity and swelling in sewage biological systems. Bio Target Floc is made by bio-fermentation technology under specific conditions. It contains microbial secondary metabolite-biological flocculant and several exclusive enzymes (amylase, cellulase, protease, etc.), surfactant, buffer.

This product has a small amount of high efficiency, the targeting effect is environmentally friendly and safe for microorganisms, it can improve activated sludge, improve sedimentation performance, and reduce COD, total phosphorus, SS and other characteristics. It has the characteristics of fast reaction speed, high removal efficiency, low dosing concentration, etc. It can improve the sedimentation performance of activated sludge and reduce part of COD and SS while reducing the total phosphorus. At the same time, this product has a synergistic effect on microorganisms.