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BIO- JET Aerobic Jet Aeration Technology

BIO- JET Aerobic Jet Aeration Technology

The BIO-JET aerobic jet system is developed using American MTS jet aeration technology, and a large amount of reflux liquid is mixed with low-pressure air through a mixing nozzle. The working principle is as shown in the figure below. The mixed liquid is pumped into the tube jet by the jet pump to form a high-speed liquid flow. The low-pressure air is sucked in. The high-speed liquid flow cuts the air to form a turbulent, shredded Gas-liquid mixed flow. Subsequently, the oxygen-rich gas-liquid mixed stream is ejected from the specially designed caliber nozzle, and quickly and efficiently transfers to the liquid phase and the biological phase to complete the rapid oxygen transfer process. The oxygen transfer efficiency in the standard state is as high as 30 ~ 35%. At the same time, the gas-liquid mixed flow ejected from the small-diameter nozzle has both vertical and horizontal forces, and the mixture in the aeration tank is vigorously agitated and mixed.

The advantages of the BIO-JET aerobic jet system over other aeration methods are:
1 、High power efficiency;
The multi-ejector oxygen delivery system placed in the aeration tank can generate very tiny bubbles and produce complex aeration in the tank. Due to the special design of the ejector, a large amount of reflux liquid is mixed with the low-pressure air. The large flow and low head design of the jet pump reduces the resistance loss of the pipeline and the nozzle. Compared with other jets, this feature can reduce the operating cost of the system. Due to the Venturi effect, each jet of the multi-path jet can reduce the outlet pressure of the fan.

2、 There are many spray channels and the distribution is more even
Evenly distributed in the channel, plus professional caliber nozzles, the bubbles cut by the jet water are finer and more evenly distributed, ensuring a higher oxygen transfer efficiency throughout the tank.

3、 Excellent materials and well-made
The jet aerator is made of FRP material through strict mechanical processing, and the product quality is controlled with the dimensional accuracy of the professional jet.

4、Simple structure and easy maintenance
The jet aerator is simple in structure and does not contain mechanical parts. Compared with mechanical and electrical equipment such as surface aerators, there is no need to worry about sealing and other issues. At the same time, the jet is designed for large channels, compared with aeration equipment such as micro-pore aerators , No need to worry about clogging, easy operation and maintenance.

BIO-TPS inclined plate precipitation system
BIO-TPS inclined plate sedimentation system is the real meaning of large inclined plate precipitation, single plate is more than 3 square meters, large plate spacing, plate thickness 6 ~ 10mm, completely solve the problem of ordinary inclined plate sedimentation mud, occupying an area of saving, Only 1/8 of the traditional radial flow sedimentation tank.