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Coal Chemical & Fine Chemical Wastewater Solutions

Coal Chemical & Fine Chemical Wastewater Solutions

Water quality characteristics:
(1) The composition of sewage is complex, and the toxic / refractory organic matter has obvious inhibitory effect on microorganisms;
(2) High COD, high ammonia nitrogen, high total nitrogen, high total phosphorus, high salinity, and high heavy metal concentration;
(3) The quantity and quality of incoming water fluctuate greatly during maintenance;

Common problems of wastewater:
(1) The concentration of toxic / refractory organic substances in sewage fluctuates and exceeds the threshold value of microorganisms, which impacts the biochemical system, and the effluent ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen and COD exceed the standard;
(2) The composition of sewage is complex, and the removal capacity of the biochemical system is too low than the design value of sewage, resulting in the product output cannot be improved;
(3) Overhaul of production workshop equipment, it is difficult to recover after impact of incoming water quality change system;
(4) The COD, ammonia nitrogen, and turbidity of the effluent of the biochemical system are high, and the cost of advanced treatment of double-film consumables is high;

Making  Green Environmental Solutions:
(1) Water quality inspection and analysis, hardware equipment evaluation, process flow evaluation, and customized solutions;
(2) Quick recovery after major overhaul or impact of sewage biochemical system;
(3) The Making Green Micro Boost series of microbial products can improve the processing capacity of the biochemical system without reducing the system, reduce the COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen of the effluent, and save the cost of system modification;
(4) Bio Target Floc can improve the sludge sedimentation of aerobic biochemical system and reduce the total phosphorus in the effluent.
(5) Sewage treatment operation management training;
(6) System optimization of sewage operation status;
(7) Babysitting + advisory services, custody operation;