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Food processing & fermentation wastewater solutions

Food processing & fermentation wastewater solutions

Water quality characteristics
(1) COD and BOD5 are high, and the content of organic matter accounts for more than 90%;
(2) The content of suspended matter is high, the temperature of water is high, the acidity of the water body is strong, and the pH is low;
(3) All kinds of washing water and detergents in processing and production projects have high content of fat protein, poor hydrophobicity, high total nitrogen, total nitrogen and total phosphorus.

Sewage FAQ
(1) High organic content and frequent COD fluctuations;
(2) The amount of washing sewage is large, the biological phosphorus removal efficiency is poor, and the total phosphorus exceeds the standard;
(3) Ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen are high, impact of nitrification system, and ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen exceed the standard.

Making Green Environmental Solutions

(1) Water quality testing and analysis, hardware equipment, process flow assessment, and customized solutions;
(2) Quick recovery after impact;
(3) The Mianjin Environmental Protection Micro Boost® series of microbial products can improve the pollutant capacity of the biochemical system without reducing the system, reduce the COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen of the effluent, and save the cost of system modification;
(4) The Making Green environmental protection bio-targeting coagulation technology Bio Target Floc product can improve the sludge settling of the aerobic biochemical system and reduce the total phosphorus in the effluent;
(5) Making Green Environmental Protection Bio Max-Carbon (biologically promoted and efficient carbon source) can provide the amount of carbon source required for nitrogen removal.
(6) Sewage treatment operation management training;
(7) System optimization of sewage operation status;
(8) Babysitting + advisory services, custody operation;