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Pulp & paper wastewater solutions

Pulp & paper wastewater solutions

Wastewater quality characteristics:
(1) Lack of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients, and low utilization rate of conventional nutrients;
(2) The water quality changes after the production product is switched and the papermaking chemicals are changed, which causes the impact of the incoming water quality;
(3) The water in the pulp mill contains lignin, which is difficult for microorganisms to degrade;

Common problems of wastewater:
(1) The nitrogen and phosphorus deficiency of the sewage biochemical system;
(2) The replacement of papermaking chemicals results in high levels of COD and organic nitrogen in wastewater, and high concentrations of COD, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in effluent;
(3) The sludge settling performance is poor, and filamentous bacteria and non-filamentous bacteria swell.

Making Green Environmental Solutions:

(1) Water quality testing and analysis, hardware equipment, process flow evaluation, customized solutions, and system transformation feasibility plans;
(2) The Making Green environmental protection Bio Max® series of nitrogen and phosphorus products can improve the efficiency of biological treatment of nutrients, while maintaining efficient operation of the system while reducing the nitrogen and phosphorus content of the effluent;
(3) The Making Green environmental protection Micro Boost® series of microbial products can reduce the effluent COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen;
(4) Making Green environmental protection bio-target coagulant Bio Target Floc can solve the problem of poor sludge settling performance;
(5) Sewage treatment operation management training;
(6) System optimization of sewage operation status;
(7) Babysitting + advisory services, custody operation;