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Electroplating wastewater solution

Electroplating wastewater solution

Water quality characteristics:
(1) The composition is complex, and the pollutants are inorganic heavy metal pollutants and organic pollutants.
(2) The change range of water quality is large, the types of pollutants in the production wastewater are various, and the CODcr change coefficient is large.
Wastewater is highly toxic and contains large amounts of heavy metal ions. If discharged directly without treatment, it will cause great pollution to surrounding water bodies.
(3) Poor biochemical performance and low BOD ratio;

Common problems of wastewater:
(1) Low processing efficiency and poor running stability;
(2) The impact of toxic substances is frequent, and the effluent quality fluctuates greatly;
(3) Poor sludge settling performance, swelling of filamentous and non-filamentous bacteria;
(4) There is no guarantee for the removal of ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen;

Making Green Environmental Solutions:
(1) Proprietary agent of upstream pretreatment device to ensure that nickel and total phosphorus meet the requirements of biochemical treatment and prevent sludge poisoning;
(2) Supporting Bio Max®-Carbon high-efficiency carbon source and Bio Max®-ONE organic nutrient enzyme products can not only provide basic nutrients for activated sludge metabolism and reproduction, but also contain trace elements and enzymes, but also promote the growth and reproduction of indigenous microorganisms. Increase the quantity and activity to ensure that the effluent COD meets the process requirements;
(3) Proprietary nitrifying bacteria Micro Boost®-N helps the system to establish nitrification and recover quickly after impact, maintain proper nitrification capacity under toxic conditions, convert ammonia nitrogen into nitrate in time, and ensure that the effluent ammonia nitrogen meets process control requirements;
(4) Proprietary denitrifying bacteria Micro Boost®-DEN helps the system to establish a denitrification reaction and recover quickly after impact and maintain proper denitrification capacity under toxic conditions, convert nitrate nitrogen into nitrogen and release it to the atmospheric environment to ensure effluent The total nitrogen data meets the process requirements.
(5) Sewage treatment operation management training;
(6) System optimization of sewage operation status;
(7) Babysitting + advisory services, custody operation;