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Textile printing and dyeing wastewater solutions

Textile printing and dyeing wastewater solutions

Water quality characteristics
(1) The concentration of organic matter is high, the types of additives and chemicals are complex, and the B / C is low;
(2) The color is deep and changeable, the pH changes greatly, and the water quantity and quality change greatly;
(3) Contains sulfide, hexavalent chromium, aniline, etc., with high toxicity.

FAQ of wastewater
(1) The impact of sulfides and heavy metal toxic substances, the nitrification system is fragile, and ammonia nitrogen is easily exceeded;
(2) A large amount of artificial synthetic slurry is used, the residue has poor biodegradability, and the COD exceeds the standard;
(3) B / C is low, the sludge concentration rises slowly, and the impact resistance is poor;

Making Green Environmental Solutions
(1) Water quality inspection and analysis, hardware equipment, process flow evaluation, and customized solutions;
(2)  Making Green Micro Boost® series of microbial products can improve the biochemical system's ability to deal with pollutants without modifying the system, reduce effluent COD, ammonia nitrogen, and total nitrogen, and save system reform costs;
(3) Making Green Environmental Protection Bio Max®-ONE can improve B / C, promote microbial growth, and improve the system's impact resistance;
(4) Sewage treatment operation management training;
(5) Sewage operation status system optimization;
(6) Nanny-style + advisory services, custody operation;