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Photovoltaic wastewater solution

Photovoltaic wastewater solution

Water quality characteristics
(1) Strong acidity, high nitrate concentration and high fluoride ion content;
(2) Less carbon content, less organic matter in water;
(3) Pretreatment uses lime water to remove fluorine, with high calcium ion content and low alkalinity; in recent years, in order to improve the excellent rate of finished products, ammonia water has been used as the raw material;

Sewage FAQ
(1) The problems of ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen are outstanding and it is difficult to meet the standard;
(2) Improper carbon source selection results in a large amount of denitrification carbon source and a low denitrification rate;
(3) The inorganic content of biochemical sludge is high, and MLVSS / MLSS is low;

Making Green Environmental Solutions
(1) The Making Green environmental protection Micro Boost® series of microbial products can improve the pollutant capacity of the biochemical system without reducing the system, reduce ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen in the effluent, and save the cost of system modification;
(2) Bio Target Floc, an environmentally friendly bio-target coagulant for Making Green, can improve the sludge settling of aerobic biochemical systems and reduce the total phosphorus in the effluent;
(3) Making Green Environmental Protection Micro Boost Carbon® (biologically promoted high-efficiency carbon source) can provide the carbon source required for nitrogen removal;
(4) Sewage treatment operation management training;
(5) Evaluation and optimization of sewage operation status;
(6) Babysitting + advisory services, managed operations;