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Typical Case


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Pulp & paper wastewater

Pulp & paper wastewater

1. Project Overview

  A paper-making enterprise's main products are food packaging paper series, anti-counterfeiting paper series, high-end cultural paper series, color cardboard series, industrial paper series and other specialty papers; while pursuing product profits, the company attaches great importance to environmental protection, supporting The sewage treatment system is relatively complete, and its specific technological process is as follows:

  Due to the fact that the company has many paper grades and frequent copying, it is often affected by impact loads. At present, the biochemical effluent is abnormal, which is mainly manifested in the effluent mud and increased indicators. The sludge properties of the biochemical section were abnormal, and the microscopic examination of the sludge was fine and the filamentous bacteria expanded.

2. Purpose of using Making Green Nitrobacter

  By adding organisms in the aerobic tank to promote the COD strain MicroBoost@ -COD, the COD of the effluent is reduced, and the required discharge standard is reached.


3. Commissioning summary

  Biochemical system, two parallel A / O systems, bio-promoting COD strain MicroBoost@ -COD is added to the aerobic tank inlet, the dosage is as follows:

Date of addition

Double-lived COD strains

Day 1

3 buckets

Day 2

4 buckets

Day 3

3 buckets

Day 4

3 buckets

Day 5

3 buckets

Day 6

2 buckets

Day 7

1 bucket

Day 8

1 bucket


20 barrels (450kg)

  The data during commissioning is as follows:

  As can be seen from the above figure, after the drug of our company starts to be added, the COD of the effluent has a significant downward trend. The specific data is as follows:

  to sum up:

  1) Making Green Biological Promotion COD strain MicroBoost@-COD is suitable for the system recovery of papermaking wastewater;

  2) Making Green Bio-Promoting COD strain MicroBoost@-COD reduces some of the COD that could not be degraded by the original indigenous microorganisms, further reducing the effluent COD data;

  3) Adding the data of microbial strains to improve the sedimentation of sludge, SV30 has also been significantly improved.