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Biological nutrition series


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Bio Max® -phos

After adding this product, increase the neutralization charge between suspended matter and improve flocculation of alum;
Bio Max® -phos
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  Bio Max® -phos bio-promoting phosphorus series products are biodegradable carrier technology with high-efficiency phosphorus elements required by microorganisms. It can greatly reduce the mineralization of phosphorus elements and improve the absorption efficiency of the product; The lack of nutrients, such as: trace elements, vitamins, natural hormones, cytokinin, etc., can improve the microbial cell synthesis capacity and enhance microbial activity.


    Product Features:

  1. Unique biological extraction technology to protect phosphorus from reacting with metal ions and reduce the generation of inorganic sludge;

  2. The form is more easily absorbed by microorganisms, with high efficiency and broad spectrum, to avoid excessive phosphorus in the effluent in the rear section;

  3. No secondary pollution to the environment, green and environmental protection.


      Application range:

  Industry: sewage treatment system for pulp and paper enterprises; sewage treatment system for chemical industry;

  Medical sewage treatment system; integrated sewage treatment system in industrial area, etc.



  Usage: Add to the water inlet of the biochemical system.

  Dosage: Calculate and add according to water volume and load, please consult our technical engineers for details.


     Quality Standard:  

product name

Bio Max ® -phos

phosphorus pentoxide content



tan liquid

Main ingredients

Microorganisms can directly metabolize phosphorus sources, while rich in multiple vitamins, trace elements, etc.  


      Packaging storage and shelf life:

  The packaging of this product is 15kg / barrel or 1.5 tons / IBC barrel, and it can be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated condition. The shelf life of the product is three years.

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