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Biological efficiency series


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Micro Boost®-COD

Improve system startup speed and increase system's anti-shock capability
Micro Boost®-COD
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product description
Micro Boost® series COD bacteria is a product that is professionally matched by microbial strains, enzyme preparations and nutrients. For the wastewater with different characteristics, Micro Boost® series COD bacteria series products contain some special functional strains, such as capable of decomposing fatty acids, surfactants, hydrocarbons, phenolic compounds, ketones and certain specific organic substances that are not easily decomposed; A series of salt-tolerant bacteria products can be domesticated and tolerated up to 30,000 salts. Low-temperature COD bacteria can improve sludge activity under low temperature conditions, inhibit filamentous bacteria from expanding, and maintain treatment efficiency. This product is generally suitable for shortening the start-up time of system debugging, increasing the processing load by 10% -20% on the basis of no increase in hardware, improving the sludge settlement, and solving the system's impact failure recovery are very good help


Micro Boost® series COD bacteria can:

Reduce BOD, improve sludge settling and activity

Reduce effluent SS effective treatment load

Improve system startup speed and increase system's anti-shock capability

Resistant to three percent salinity around 8 ° C can still maintain sludge activity


Typical properties of the product
Appearance: solid powder
Shelf life: 2 years
Strain content: 3 * 108cfu / g
Flash point: None


Package information

Usually the net weight is 5 kg / barrel, 10 kg / barrel, 25 kg / bag


Storage and handling

Store in a cool, dry place. As the product is in powder form, avoid inhalation into the nasal cavity and mouth           during use. The used barrels can be recycled normally

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